We’re looking to the future at East Carolina University.

We launched our most recent strategic plan in 2017, and it’s served us well — keeping us focused on student success, public service and regional transformation. We’ve made some great strides in those areas in the last five years.

We’re updating that plan to reflect today’s challenges and opportunities and to align with the University of North Carolina System’s updated plan. Sharon Paynter of Research, Economic Development and Engagement, and Ravi Paul of the College of Business are leading the planning committee.

Our trustees have reaffirmed our mission statement and core commitments. In addition to those, innovation will be a focus of the updated plan. Surveys and town halls will give our campus community opportunities to participate, and we’ll keep you informed as we near the final product.

We also have some other exciting news. You may have heard of Greenville’s own YouTube star, MrBeast. He’s not only the largest content creator on the platform, but also a community-minded philanthropist. ECU and MrBeast himself, Jimmy Donaldson, are partnering to create a credentialing program that will train a skilled workforce who will be ready right out of the gate to produce valuable YouTube content. MrBeast, welcome to Pirate Nation! We’re ready to get to work.

Go Pirates!

Philip Rogers, Ed.D.