Toby Bryson

Hometown: Greenville, North Carolina
Major: Nursing
Career Goals: Critical care flight nurse
Scholarships: Robert G. and Amy K. Brinkley Scholar

What do you like most about your major?

What I like most about my major is the ability I have to help others as a career. Without the fire service and Eastern Pines Fire-Rescue, I never would have found my love for helping others. Nursing allows me to help others in a different way than pre-hospital. In a hospital setting, I can provide care from start to finish and see full circle how my care and the actions of the care team work to improve outcomes for my patients, whereas in fire/EMS, most of my patient interaction ends upon arrival at the emergency department. The best part about this major is the excitement I get knowing that I will be able to dedicate my life to doing what I love. Nursing doesn’t feel like work.

What does receiving a scholarship mean to you?

It means so much more than financial support. It means I have a group of people or organizations supporting me to succeed beyond my greatest aspirations. This scholarship has provided opportunities that, on my own, I would not have ever been able to find. Because of generous donations, I am now on a fast track to personal and professional success that otherwise might not have been possible.

Why should alumni support scholarships?

Because it propels students to be able to achieve so much more than they ever would without financial and emotional support. My scholarship has changed my life. I have been able to partake in research, study abroad internationally and create connections professionally. Most importantly, through Brinkley-Lane Scholars, I’ve met lifelong friends, who are among my strongest supporters through nursing school and the waves of life.

Donor spotlight: Robert and Amy Brinkley

Robert ’78 and his wife, Amy, are generous supporters of ECU’s academic and athletic priorities. Robert previously served on the ECU Board of Trustees (two years as chair), ECU Foundation Board of Directors, Board of Visitors and Real Estate Foundation.