Student snapshot

Grace Bellamy

Hometown: High Point, North Carolina 

Class: First-year doctoral student 

Major: Audiology 

Career goals: Travel audiology, own my own private practice, work alongside Doctors Without Borders overseas 

Grace Bellamy is turning a tragedy into helping others hear. 

One of her best friends, Abby Blair, died during her senior year of high school in a house fire. Blair, who was deaf, couldn’t hear the smoke detectors or her mother’s cries. It was too late when Blair realized the house was on fire, and she died of smoke inhalation. 

Bellamy and Blair went to the same church, where Bellamy often watched Blair sign with her brother. “It always fascinated me,” said Bellamy, who has been active in mission work in the U.S. and in other countries. 

Blair’s death led Bellamy to pursue a clinical doctoral degree in audiology with the goal of opening her own practice named Abby’s Ears. She also is interested in working overseas to provide access to hearing technology in underprivileged communities. 

“After Abby’s passing, I took it upon myself to live my life for her as well since she would never have the opportunities that I would have,” Bellamy said. 

Bellamy earned her bachelor’s degree in speech and hearing sciences in May at ECU. She’s served as president of the ECU Ambassadors and was a member of Epsilon Sigma Alpha sorority, serving on the honor board. 

One of her mentors has been Lynn Roeder, dean of students at ECU. In addition, Bellamy appreciates the support of her family. 

“I am grateful to my mom who pushed me to never give up on my dreams despite all the adversity I faced,” she said. “Opportunities are not always going to appear on your doorstep. Oftentimes you have to advocate for yourself and prove that you deserve those opportunities.” 

– Crystal Baity