Changing Lives, Changing Communities

Neil is a retired correctional administrator, and Donna works at the Brody School of Medicine. The Dorseys count serving on the East Carolina Alumni Association board, chairing the Alumni Scholarship Committee and Golden Reunion, and serving at Alumni Scholarship events among their volunteer work at ECU.

Giving time

“With the shrinking state support for higher education, philanthropy has taken on a much more important role at ECU. Philanthropy is more than donating money. Just as important is opening up opportunities for students through mentoring, educating or job opportunities. We have benefited from these actions and must take action to increase the philanthropic efforts of ECU to achieve success.”

Volunteering makes a difference

“We can make an impact on the lives of others and, in return, grow as an individual. We have been involved in volunteering for most of our lives and have seen and had many positive outcomes that makes us want to give back even more.”

Connect with ECU

The new ECU Connect website provides opportunities for alumni to connect with each other and the university in an online community setting similar to LinkedIn. Members can post and search through opportunities to serve as mentors to students and other alumni as well as access other engagement and volunteer activities related to ECU. Join at ecuconnect.com.