5 minutes with JON MCLAMB ’92

Position: Founder and president of CourtHarbor

Degree: Leisure systems studies

Hometown: Lexington, North Carolina

“CourtHarbor is the creator of patented, free-standing tennis court dividers that provide more enjoyable tennis by reducing the number of ‘lets’ (interrupted play) during tennis matches and serve as a unique, first-of-its-kind on-court branding tool. The idea for the court dividers came from being on the tennis court one day and seeing multiple tennis balls spread across two courts along the back fence and thinking there had to be a more effective way. CourtHarbor now offers a full line of custom logo court products for tennis and pickleball that includes custom court number signs, net signs, scorekeepers, windscreens and pickleball court dividers. 

“Know your ‘why’ and never lose sight of it. Reminding yourself of your why is often the encouragement and motivation you need most, particularly during the most challenging days. Make your vision and your why that drives your vision bigger than you or any one individual. 

“Life Paths is a personal development program for high school students as part of CourtHarbor’s giveback initiative, Ad Love. The central theme of the program is ‘What Would I Tell My High School-Age Self?’ and consists of local professionals from various career fields sharing their knowledge and insight with students in a roundtable format. (Watch them at bit.ly/3BBdMjd.) 

“The discipline and perseverance I learned as a member of the men’s tennis team had a tremendous and lasting impact on me personally and professionally. The relationships with my coaches, teammates and friends at ECU are some of the greatest of my life that will never be forgotten.” 

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