5 minutes with ADAM WOLFF ’13

Occupation: Assistant project manager for Archer Western Construction

Degrees: Bachelor of science, construction management

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC

What are your job responsibilities?
I manage all of the day-to-day activities on the I-77 rehab project. I work closely with superintendents to schedule our daily activities on site and supervise the engineer staff in the office.

Describe what it’s like to work with the earth to build a major roadway.
There’s nothing quite like working on a massive earthwork project. Every day that goes by you can look back and see what has been accomplished as the scenery changes. When working on a major highway or other large earthwork project, you are truly turning nothing into something in a short span of time.

Was there a class, professor or experience
you had at ECU that helped lead you to where you are today?
Every professor I studied underneath not only took the curriculum that they were teaching seriously, but they truly cared about their students in terms of assisting with networking and procuring employment after graduation. I truly believe that their personal approach to assisting every student has led to the university producing some of the most qualified new grads in the construction industry in terms of interpersonal communication and management skills.

Anything else to add?
Your time spent at East Carolina is something to be cherished, but it is just the beginning. I’ve worked on some of the biggest construction projects in the world and lived up and down the East Coast pursuing my career aspirations. ECU gives you all the tools to succeed and become whoever you want to be no matter how big or small your dreams are. When you graduate, it’s impossible to know the destinations that life will take you along the way. Just make sure that at every stop in your journey you tell people that you’re a Pirate from East Carolina, because that means something.