5 minutes with Amina Edmonson ’09

Occupation: Wardrobe supervisor for Virgin Voyages cruises

Degree: Theatre arts

Hometown: Rose Hill, N.C.

Countries cruised to: Canada, Colombia, Belize, Costa Rica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, British Virgin Islands, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and the United Kingdom.

What does your job entail?: The wardrobe department makes costumes happen on the ship. Before a show, I make sure that every garment and accessory is in show condition: clean, in good repair, and ready for the performers to step right into them. During the show, I facilitate any costume changes that the performers can’t handle by themselves. And because Virgin Voyages is a new company, I’m helping create their entertainment spaces from the ground up.

What’s the best part of working on a cruise ship?: You forge a family with people from all over the world, folks you never would have met otherwise. And if you commit to truly getting to know them, you can’t help becoming a better person. Plus, how do you beat getting paid to travel and meet new people every week?

How did your time at ECU prepare you for your current career?: The School of Theatre and Dance was committed to making us into competent theater professionals. I still feel that the professors and staff cared about me as an individual and were personally invested in my success. Each of them offered a wealth of combined experience in the field of entertainment and they were eager to share that with me while giving me room to grow my individual interests and talents.

Were there any classes or professors at ECU that were particularly memorable?: Jeffery Phipps was my costume design professor, and I still remember and apply techniques and strategies that he gave us in class and in the costume shop. Delta Childers Smith, the costume shop supervisor when I was an undergraduate, was always willing to give hands-on help when I needed it. Her current students are beyond lucky to have her!

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