Student Snapshot

Jenny Song

Challenges such as cutting off your hair to raise money to fight cancer don’t scare physician assistant graduate student Jenny Song.

This spring, Song served as the co-team leader for the College of Allied Health Sciences team for the third annual Pirates Vs. Cancer event. The fundraiser is a student-run event that unites students and staff from across the Health Sciences Campus as well as other ECU undergraduates and staff to raise money to fight pediatric cancer.

Collectively, they raised more than $52,000 for the James and Connie Maynard Children’s Hospital at Vidant Medical Center.

“It’s easy to lose sense of the bigger picture and goal,” Song said. “Although I’m constantly learning about the impacts of medicine, the majority of my time is spent in the classroom or studying, so seeing everyone gather for this allowed me to put things into perspective and see firsthand how uplifting and supportive this community is.”

Song aspires to specialize in women’s health. One thing she loves about the profession is its flexibility, giving her options to explore different specialties.

Song views medicine as the “perfect marriage of science and art.” She doesn’t believe it’s necessary to compromise either in her career pursuits. “The human body is visually stunning and intricate,” she said. “There isn’t one definite answer in approaching patient treatment like there isn’t one right way to make art.”