Position: Senior aerospace science instructor, Jones Senior High School, Trenton
Degree: Bachelor’s degree in biology
Hometown: New Bern

“It is easy to say that my days at ECU helped shape and mold me into the person I am today. Why? For many reasons but I think ECU has always had
an underlying ‘chip-on-the-shoulder, never give up’ mantra that says, ‘Oh yeah, well we can do it just as good as you and probably better!’

“So, after four years of Air Force ROTC, I was commissioned as a second lieutenant and went to pilot training. It was unbelievably tough, exceedingly intimidating and extremely competitive. I can vividly remember getting to know the other folks in my flight class. They were incredibly sharp and attended top-notch universities/military academies throughout the country: U.S. Air Force Academy, Texas A&M, Washington, Kansas, Colorado, VMI, Norwich. But I used the mindset I learned at ECU and steadily progressed through the ranks during my 23 years as a pilot/officer in the Air Force. I’m proud to say that only two officers in my flight class were promoted to the rank of full colonel, and I was one of them.

“After retirement, I moved back home and became an AFJROTC instructor at a local high school. Now, I try to share some of the lessons learned throughout my career and teach them the importance of taking responsibility for their own actions. On a daily basis, I ‘preach’ the importance of character and integrity so these young folks can build positive habit patterns … now. And, of course, I’m hoping a little of that ECU ‘never give up attitude’ will rub off on them as they transition to compete in today’s globally competitive environment.”

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