The Student Center by the numbers

The intersection of Charles and 10th streets is where modern meets traditional. That’s where ECU’s new student center sits. Here are some facts and figures that help tell the story of this latest Pirate treasure.

The concrete reinforcement for the project weighs more than 350 full-size pickup trucks.

The black box theater
seats 247 people.

Crews moved 25 trees from the construction site to other parts of campus, saving them from destruction.

Native plants such as longleaf pines are featured in the landscaping around the center.

The north side exterior holds the 1,008-square-foot Pirate Vision screen.

The Main Campus Student Center features 6 dining options.

Starbucks Coffee
Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers
1907 Grill
Panda Express Gourmet Chinese Food
The Confectionary Ice Cream and Sweet Shop
Au Bon Pain Cafe Bakery

Electrochromatic glass allows the windows to automatically tint according to the weather.

Hot-water coils beneath floor provide invisible heating.

At three stories, the building has enough glass inside and out to cover a football field.

The outline of eastern North Carolina on the floor of the main ballroom, a nod to our home state with an X marking the spot for Greenville.

An underground cistern on the north side of the center provides irrigation water for plant beds outside the building.

The primary 14-inch chilled water pump in the regional plant can fill 75 bathtubs in less than a minute.

The structure houses 15 miles of mechanical and plumbing piping.

The backup generator for the center can power 405 homes.


Read about ECU alumni who helped build the center at

Years in the making, the building pairs cutting-edge technology with time-honored Pirate roots such as the ECU creed on the main staircase.